Dance / Pop

Discovery: Karmin

Karmin is proof that sometimes a remake can be better than the original. The duo of Amy Heidemann and Nick Noonan, have taken and put their own special spin on an array of current hits that you hear on the radio (Katy Perry, Bruno Mars, Britney to name a few). Most of the time, they strike success. Heidemann has a big voice, and that voice has no problems pumping out the feeling. Her voice ranges between that sweet melodic sound she has when singing a ballad like song to hip hop with a perfect execution. Noonan’s voice can be heard throughout various tracks on their cover album Karmin Covers Vol 1 and provides a smooth balance alongside Heidemann’s.

However, while their remakes are catchy and show that sometimes all they need is a new singer, a different set of instruments or a different direction all together to strike gold… Sometimes their approach falls a little short. Some of the remakes are just better off staying with the original singer. Heidemann’s voice suits Set Fire to the Rain, but in terms of execution, nothing can match or top Adele’s rendition. Or in the hip hop realm, Eminem’s I Need a Doctor, while works to a small extent, face plants. Some songs, especially in that particular genre are hard to remake, especially in the way that it can be heard on the Covers album.

Heidemann and Noonan have compiled a 7-track EP titled Hello, released in May 2012, that has high potential and is definitely worth adding to the playlist alongside some of the remakes from their Covers album. The poppy, dance-ready tracks from Hello are all worthy of radio play and many are club ready. The title track, Hello, found chart success in reaching #1 on the US charts. Brokenhearted found it’s way to the Top 20 in the US as well. The EP as a whole is a solid effort and is a sign that Karmin is here, to stay.


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