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Artist profile: Kari Kimmel

Kari Kimmel, at least in my world, has been dubbed the Soundtrack Queen. Her songs have been heard in more than 100 movies and shows over the course of her career. And for good reason: Her voice is heaven.

Kimmel borders the pop/country/folkish line, and does it well. Which, given that she wrote her first song at the age of 13, means she’s had plenty of practice in honing her skills. Her pop songs, while full of all the bubblegum and sunshine that all pop songs are, are fun. They get you up and moving. You’ll want to pile all of your girlfriends into your car, wind the windows down and do a round or two of Road Karaoke. Her ballads are moving in a different way. They’re universal, so anyone who hears one can relate. Making them that much more appealing. Her voice has a soothing melody to it, and feeling laces each of the words she sings. It’s as though they were made for real life.

Isn’t that what music is supposed to be? Seems music of today misses that beat more often than making it.

She’s not the only one singing her songs. Other top artists on the music wave have recorded Kimmel’s songs. Demi Lovato of Disney fame, Joe Jonas from The Jonas Brothers, Gloria Gaynor, and the world wide loved Backstreet Boys have all put their spin on some of Kimmel’s music.

In 2011, alongside country music artist Blake Shelton, Kimmel recorded the remake of the title track for the movie Footloose.

With popular shows like Pretty Little Liars (featured the song “Remember”), Walking Dead and the US version of Being Human (song “Black”), etc… picking up Kimmel’s tunes, she’s almost seen a second wave of people picking up her music recently. It’s nice to see a well rounded, talented artist get a fresh go-round that keeps going round, and round.

Be sure to check out and add to your playlist any songs from A Life in the Day, Pink Balloon, Out of Focus and Go. No specific songs to listen to over the others, because they’re all that good.


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