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Imagining Dragons.

I tend to steer clear of the regular radio as often as I can. It’s all diluted with over processed music with obnoxious repetitive lyrics and vocals that have been put through a food processor to sound “good”. Satellite radio, when I had it was a better option. Now, I have my cell phone hooked up to my radio and 99% of the time it’s music from Spotify that I’m tuned in to.

Last week, on a sick day while I was laying on the couch, I had the TV turned on to VH1’s Palladia. I can’t remember what it was that caught my eye, but I left it on there for a while and laid on the couch with my dog watching. I’m happy I was home sick that day because I discovered a new band to load to my Spotify and keep on replay until I move on to my next “new thing”.

imaginedragons_dbImagine Dragons was a breath of fresh air in the midst of all the Taylor Swift and Bieber craziness. The music itself in addicting. A melodic blend of instruments backing the smooth but raspy vocals by Dan Reynolds. The music is all cohesive, flowing together from start to finish. The lyrics are meaningful. And it’s all so damn catchy.

Dragons, to me, is pretty remenicent of Modest Mouse. It’s that same indie pop-rock that just brings you up. Off of their album Night Visions, the song Radioactive has a strong drum beat to it that finds your foot thumping itself against the floor no matter how hard you try to stop it. In Tiptoe, you’ll find yourself with the car windows down, singing at the top of your lungs, drumming on your steering wheel [same can be said for On Top of the World, and Cha-Ching (Till We Grow Older)]. Songs like Every Night, Demons, Underdog and Bleeding Out can easily become anthems for those in love or just pushing to move through the muddy waters of life. It’s Time is a signature song that just screams out “Hey, we made it, but I’m still me” showing just how humble the band has stayed despite being on a big label and striking success.

… and it really doesn’t hurt that in their video for Radioactive, they snagged Lou Diamond Phillips and Alexandra Daddario to star in it. But that’s not the awesome part, think a stuffed animal version of Fight Club.


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